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aka my signature coaching & consulting packages

The Instigator

You have an amazing idea for a arts-and-entertainment business.

You already have an arts-and-entertainment business, but you want to take it up to the next level of the artistic electron cloud.

You’re a freelance entertainment professional that wants all the ~*accoutrements*~ of being truly professional.

THE INSTIGATOR is the option for you! Packages are available in several tiers and can include: business plan development, creative consulting, idea implementation coaching, production calendar organization, personalized goal-setting, financial/fundraising/budgeting consultation, fundraising coaching, contract development, project management, and moral support!

Starting at $400

The Attention Whore

You are doing great work. NO, you are doing amazeballs work. But you still feel like people aren’t smelling what The Rock is cooking!

Enter THE ATTENTION WHORE! Contracts are available in 1-, 3-, 6-, and 12-month increments, billed monthly, and include: personalized marketing photo shoot(s), social media marketing strategy development + management, personalized marketing mailings, portfolio packaging, and website consultation + maintenance.

Starting at $385/month

The Bossy Bitch

You need to nail an upcoming audition.

Your next burlesque number needs a little something extra.

You’re in a show but need more coaching outside of the rehearsal room.

You have NO IDEA where to start looking for audition material, how to look for performance opportunities, how to land the audition, and how to book the job.

Try THE BOSSY BITCH on for size! This personalized, private performance coaching is available in 12-hour bundles.

Starting at $120

Nicole also teaches group classes on a variety of subjects in a variety of venues. Full schedule and registration here.


aka my own creations



Specializing in film, Shakespeare, musicals, physical theatre, and comedy, I bring specificity, joy, and humanity to the screen and stage, no matter how heightened the form nor how corny the genre.

Starting at $500


The page is the perfect medium for versatility, empathy, humor, and just a touch of the supernatural. I write these virtues in every genre: fiction, criticism, scripts for stage and screen, essays…Oh, not every genre. I save the bad poetry for my diary. You can’t read that ;)

Starting at $200



Look, I’m pretty cool: I’ve been acting since I could speak. Trained in classical acting and musical theatre, I work in all genres and all mediums. Whether it’s the honesty and subtlety of on-camera performance, the nuance of voiceover and radio, or the full-body expression of live theatre, I bring intelligence, empathy, and dedication to every role I play.


She’s small and out of your price range: MINNIE BARRE!

My burlesque alter-ego Minnie brings her spunky, sparkly striptease to stages around the great city of Chicago. From coquettish and classical to neo and nerdy, Minnie prances across all genres with her signature blend of geek, chic, and cheek!

Catch this vivacious vixen today!

starting at $10/hour*

*minimum of 5 hours/$50

You: in need of an adept production team member that understands the creative process from beginning to end. Me: HEY GIRL. I’ve got over 10 years of experience and a diverse collection of credits. Slide into my DMs ;)


Management - Scheduling, hiring, budgeting, team leadership, liaising, planning, support.

Marketing - Design, strategy, social media, campaign management, videography, photography.

Dramaturgy - Research, reference material, fact-checking, script management, presentations.

Casting - Audition organization, preparation, proctoring, marketing, recording, communication, networking. 

Accounting - Bookkeeping, payroll, reporting, budgeting, documentation, policy, consulting.

Fundraising - Strategy, consulting, crowdfunding, grant writing, campaign management, support.

available in 1-, 3-, 6-, and 12-month packages

starting at $250/month

Pet Care

Pet Sitting

In-home pet sitting customized for your pet! Includes walks, feeding, cuddles, playtime, and daily email updates with pictures!

Starting at $75/day (3-day minimum)

Wedding Day Doggies

Customized transportation, pet care, and puppy love on the day of your wedding or special event!

See for package and pricing details

Nicole is not offering individual walks at this time. She walks Chicago pups for Cruisin' Canines.