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Holy balls, you guys! We're back!!

I've spent so many hours prepping this site for a relaunch, and now that it's finally here I'm SO HAPPY.

Fake Geek Girl has undergone quite a metamorphosis: only four years ago, we were a BARF!

We obviously got ourselves an actual domain name pretty quick, but we've gone through much more major changes, through launching a production arm (Fake Geek Girl Productions) and experimenting with different organizational structures for those productions, through different size budgets and projects, through literal and metaphorical storms!

Now, I'm happy to announce that I've finally FINALLY unified my personal web presence under The Fake Geek Girl handle!! THREE CHEERS FOR HARMONY AND BALANCE AND BEING A BOSS A$$ BITCH.

This website is where you can find my blog, the eponymous Fake Geek Girl, which started it all. You can see my full portfolio, which includes all the Fake Geek Girl Productions productions. [Yes, I said "Productions productions," and I don't even care.] You can hire me as a consultant for your own webseries or a coach for your audition monologue, among many other things!

And if you're just here to watch some dope videos, FANTASTIC! I hope you laugh a lot!