10 Things to Buy to Help You Embrace Feminism AND Capitalism! by Fake Geek Girl

The revolution is just a t-shirt away.
— Billy Bragg

Yeah, yeah. I know. I'm starting a post about feminism with a quote from a cis white guy, but he clearly knows exactly what feminists want: STUFF TO WEAR.

Luckily, this our internet age is filthy rich in swag. No matter your cause, you can find a way to advertise it with a cool logo! Our cause is Feminism, so here are some cool things to buy with the 78% of each man dollar you earn.

DISCLAIMER: This is for the LOLZ. Please note that many of these shops donate proceeds to a variety of organizations that benefit female-identifying people, and many of them are also run by female-identifying people, so a purchase inherently supports our collective girl cause. Lastly, I have a birthday coming up, so if you want to buy me a present, see above.