The HMS Janeway is our vehicle for exploring the stars!

The HMS Janeway (TUG-42), is the two hundred seventy-ninth Petra-Class cargo carrier in the Syzygex Galactic Cargo Navy. Her designated home port is Space-dock NAR-30975, Space-Virginia. She was commissioned to be responsible for shipping large quantities of ice-cream to the desolate reaches of the Syzygex-occupied territories. She is currently registered as undergoing a 5-year mission of Refueling and Complex Overhaul (RCO) processes.

After a series of modifications by the Tikitarian munitions company, Oglethorp Inc., the Janeway was stolen from the Jonah-Class Ship Transport that was ferrying her to NAR-30975. The outlaws involved are currently rated at "A-!?" priority for apprehension and enhanced interrogation (and we all know what that means...torture. It means torture.)