The Fake Geek Girl is e-central for Chicago-based entertainment entrepreneur Nicole Keating.

from  The Geek Show

from The Geek Show

What up, kids!!

I've got lots of problems.

I am an instigator.

I love to start shit. Like The Fake Geek Girl blog, started in 2013 as a way for me to document my obsession with the intersection of feminism and nerd culture, now a hub of funny, feminist fandom. Like Fake Geek Girl Productions, webseries (and soon FILMS ~ooooo ahhhhh~) created and/or produced and/or written and/or directed by female-identifying or gender-non-conforming persons. Like Crescent Moon Nerdlesque, Chicago’s only weekly nerd burlesque show. Like Wedding Day Doggies, a mom-and-daughter service that dresses and shuttles your dogs to your wedding or other event. Like a million more ideas currently percolating in my overactive brain.

Do you have an idea that you want to make a reality?

Do you need someone to start some shit for you?

Give me a buzz.

I am an attention-whore.

I love to make people look. With a background in musical and children's theatre, training in classical acting, and a thriving burlesque persona, I'm well-versed in all the loudest and most annoying forms of performance. The jazz hands subside when I'm on camera or on the mic, delivering honest and relatable performances and presentations. I also translate these well-honed storytelling skillz into engaging and dynamic social media marketing campaigns.

Oh, what’s that? You need an engaging and dynamic social media marketing campaign?

You want people to look at you?

You need someone to shout your greatness from the rooftops?

Holler at me.

"Gimme Gimme" at  The Kiss Kiss Cabaret

"Gimme Gimme" at The Kiss Kiss Cabaret

I am a bossy bitch.

I love to tell people what to do. But I only use my powers for good, helping people polish their own performances, and I believe “performance” comes in all shapes and sizes. I sure can get your monologue so audition-ready that your adjudicators will a-jizz themselves, but I can also refine your business presentation, boost your teaching temerity, or pump up your public speaking prowess for any occasion.

Need your presence to pack a punch? Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me.

Clara and the Nutcracker

Clara and the Nutcracker

I am too creative for my own good.

In addition to the above, I’m a freelance burlesque dancer, comedienne, actress, director, writer, and arts administrator!

I’m multi-talented as shit, y’all!

If you’re interested in my work, peep my portfolio and my a la carte services. If you like what you see, GIT AT ME.